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Modern Asian Women Protagonists in Literature – Part 1


 There have been some brilliant Asian protagonists in literature, but not that many are as famous as the great heroines or protagonists in Western novels. In this blog we hope to address that situation by looking at modern Asian protagonists in literature today.

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Best Books About Black Female Sportswomen – Part 1

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In recent years that have been many black women who have excelled in a variety of sports. As equality has gathered pace around the world, more black women have been given the time and opportunity to participate in sport and they have excelled in a variety of events with their achievements being recorded in a number of different books. One of the greatest women tennis players of all time is Serena Williams who is still competing today. Her career has run side by side with her elder sister Venus’s and her life story is well documented in her autobiography, “Queen of the Court” (2010). In her career Williams has won […]

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