Modern Asian Women Protagonists in Literature – Part 1

 There have been some brilliant Asian protagonists in literature, but not that many are as famous as the great heroines or protagonists in Western novels. In this blog we hope to address that situation by looking at modern Asian protagonists in literature today.

Not Your Sidekick

Not Your Sidekick

This great novel by C.B.Lee is set in Andover and superpowers are common, and this is where our intern Jessica Tran goes to high school. The problem with our heroine is that Jessica is coming to terms with her inability to perform any superpowers. We learn that Jessica comes from a long line of heroes and this plays heavily on her inabilities. She applies for an internship to support her college application, but it appears that she chose the town’s most desperate villain, however her secret crush, Abby works there. There is also an extra interesting factor thrown in to the equation and that is with the mysterious M, another intern, that seems strangely attracted to her and pops up everywhere Jessica goes. The fun in her new internship soon becomes complicated as she discovers a despicable plot which involves her superhuman parents.


I Believe in a Thing Called Love

A ripping yarn and a fun adult novel about how a Korean-American girl goes about snagging a new boyfriend using K-Drama techniques. Maurene Goo keeps the momentum and plot flowing nicely as her protagonist is portrayed in ever increasing complicated romantic involvements. Desi Lee is not your average girl, she knows engines and even learned CPR at just five years old. She is also a straight A student and has never had a B grade in her life, but there is a gap in her perfect world, and that is romance. Incredibly she has never had a boyfriend, but hardly surprising as she is terrible as far as romance is concerned. Then one day a real opportunity enters her life and she is determined to chase away her faltering love play and turn to K-Drama for inspiration. The story of Desi Lee is heartwarming, as  the young girl falls hopelessly in love and tries to ensnare the man of her dreams.

The Library of Fates


Another romantic fantasy but this time from Indian writer Aditi Khorana, and the novel is steeped in Indian folklore that adds to the magical plot of the whole story. The Emperor of Sikander has decided to visit Shalingar for some unknown reason, and until now the quiet kingdom had managed to exist without any conflict. Princess Amrita decides to offer herself to be his bride to offset any possibility of violence to her kingdom. This ultimate sacrifice is done to save her family and her country, but is it enough? The answer comes in the palace becoming under siege and Amrita is left alone and helpless. She meets Thala who is an oracle, and the pair rely on each other to try to get to get free so Amrita can save her kingdom. This ensues with a heroic quest to find the Libary of All Things, and brings the question, will Amrita be able to restore what was lost?