Successful Women in Male-Dominated Fields

There are many career options out there today that are still firmly thought of as belonging to a ‘man’s world’. However, it only takes one or two successful women within the field to open it up to hundreds, thousands, or even more women across the globe. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most male-dominated sectors in modern life and the women who are making an impact within them. After all, inspiration leads to progress.

Tech ‘Guys’

Tech woman

Whether it’s in conceptualising, engineering or fixing, it’s true that men currently outnumber women in most technology-based careers. The stereotype of a nerdy guy with black-rimmed glasses typing away at a computer screen is not only outdated, but it’s downright insulting to every person that works within the tech industry. The past decade has seen the emergence of Femtech in the marketplace, with products and software invented by women and made by women for women enjoying growing success. Whitney Wolfe Herd debuted her unique female-friendly take on dating apps, Bumble, in 2014 and it is now valued at $1billion. Ida Tin, who coined the term Femtech, founded an app for women’s reproductive health in 2012 which has now made it into Apple’s top 10 health & fitness apps. Global tech companies like Google and Sky are making the effort to close the gender wage gap and support women who work within their ranks. Although in 2018 only 20% of jobs in technology-based fields were held by women, more and more women are becoming interested at both educational and professional levels. The visibility of women achieving great things in technology outside of the Silicon Valley boys’ club can be credited with inspiring more women to get involved.

Game Play

Casinos and the table games played in them are often seen as men’s domain; they are the realm of the ultra-masculine James Bond and Ocean’s 11, with women often there only as dealers or distraction. However, much like 2018’s all-women Ocean’s 8 revamp, the world of casinos is becoming more female friendly. In terms of high-profile careers, professional poker players like Victoria Coren Mitchell and Liv Boeree are big ambassadors for women in poker, using their own monumental success in the game to encourage other women to get involved. But it doesn’t stop, or even start, there. The first ever pro blackjack player was a woman, Eleanor Dumont, and there were women in the infamous, ever-changing MIT blackjack team. Even if you’ve never played a table game before and don’t feel ready to hit the casino yet, there are online versions accessible to everyone at sites like PokerStarsCasino. Women often feel more comfortable using the judgement and hassle-free online environment, leading to a surge in popularity among female players. We could soon see the growing female market for online play mirrored in land-based casinos as more and more women become confident sitting down at the table.

Yes, Chef

Woman chef

You’d think that, with certain harmful and gendered stereotypes around cooking and the home still prevalent, that more women would have success in catering and the culinary arts. However, the highest paid and most successful chefs are still men. Big names like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver dominate the headlines, whilst female chefs tend to take more of a backseat (and certainly not through choice). Women like Rachael Ray and Nigella Lawson have been trailblazers in their unapologetic promotion of women’s prowess in the kitchen, with enormous accomplishments across TV shows, cookbooks, homeware ranges and more. There are now hundreds of women successfully making a go of a career in the kitchen, concentrating on specific areas like cooking on a budget (Jack Monroe), haute cuisine (Monica Galetti), and baking (Mary Berry, Lorraine Pascale). The popularity of female-dominated TV shows like The Great British Bake-Off, The Rachael Ray Show and Barefoot Contessa demonstrate how interested people are in learning from professionals who are women, and they provide a more accessible way into cooking for women watching at home. Whilst the days of women feeling pressured to cook for their partners and families are on the way out, it’s about time female chefs and cooks were recognised for their sterling work in the kitchen.

Whilst there still might be a long way to go before we achieve total equality between the genders in all walks of life, it’s encouraging to see so many women making waves in a variety of traditionally male roles in the workplace. The number of female CEOs and managers is on the increase, and women are not being shy about their success in their chosen field (or, more often than not, fields plural). Between female political candidates, lawyers, spokespeople, authors, entrepreneurs and celebrities, it’s looking more and more like a woman’s world out there.